I use a dynamic marketing strategy, leveraging data acquired from marketing campaigns and experimentation to drive growth. I've skillfully designed and adjusted campaigns that respond to user engagement, creating a tailored experience for each viewer. My proficiency in utilizing data-driven insights has enabled me to measure and attain success in marketing.

Growth Marketing
Constantly collecting data to enhance the user experience. Consider all paths that a customer could take. Add value to each step and understand that each step may not lead to the next. Anticipate that the customer will venture off path or ignore certain steps. Ensure that our marketing across the board has a consistent message. 

Drip Campaigns
Use data driven decisions to create engaging email based drip campaigns.

Create triggers and specific automations to keep marketing leads active.

B2B Storytelling
Making a brand feel real to the audience. Using narrative, images, and video to illustrate new business opportunities in the users imagination. 

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