I am an accomplished Graphic Designer and Marketer with a relentless pursuit of expanding my design knowledge and pushing the boundaries of my creative skills. With over 15 years of experience, I have continuously been improving my modern digital graphic design skills and marketing strategies. My most recent achievements include successful automated drip campaigns to engage customer activity. 
In my continuous pursuit of growth, I have recently delved into the captivating world of video editing and filming, with a particular focus on crafting engaging interview videos. As my passion for visual arts expanded, I ventured into the world of web design, honing my expertise in HTML and CSS to create captivating online experiences.
Now, my unwavering dedication lies in delivering top-notch design work across various platforms. My extensive skill set encompasses Graphic Design, Marketing, Video (Filming, Editing, and Audio), Brand Identity, Web Design, Art Direction, Digital Art, Creative Solutions, and 3D Design.
Equipped with a Bachelor's Degree in Digital Art from The College of New Jersey, earned in 2010, I possess the necessary academic foundation to complement my practical expertise.
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