KPI and Conversion Rates | 2024
Description: A campaign to track conversion rate and KPI's based on email marketing, social media, and organic traffic of users to complete a desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form, indicating the campaign's effectiveness in driving desired outcomes. A conversion marketing campaign involves creating compelling content tailored to the target audience, optimizing landing pages for user experience and clear calls to action, utilizing A/B testing to refine ad creatives and messaging, leveraging multiple channels like social media, email marketing, and PPC advertising for broad reach, and implementing retargeting strategies to re-engage potential customers. Performance is continuously monitored and analyzed through KPIs, enabling iterative adjustments to enhance engagement and maximize conversions.
Skills: Google Analytics, Project Management, Brand Management, CRM
Business Launch Program | 2018 - Present
Description: Create a logo that embodies the essence of a company, capturing its vision and values in a single graphic representation. Following this, develop a cohesive set of stationary and digital assets, ensuring consistency in design across all mediums. From business cards to letterheads, and from social media banners to website elements, every aspect of the company's branding should reflect professionalism and a clear brand identity.
Skills: Project Management, Brand Management, Graphic Design, Logo Design
Company Rebrand | 2024
Description: Execute a comprehensive rebranding strategy for Arc Home LLC in 2024, aimed at revitalizing its brand image, positioning, and overall visual identity. The primary focus will be on creating a new logo that reflects the company's core values, mission, and vision while ensuring a modern and memorable design.​
Skills: Project Management, Graphic Design, Brand Management
Landing Pages | 2019 - Present
Description: Create engaging landing pages used in multiple areas of a marketing campaign. Encourage the users to download the content or learn more about a specific topic. Create automated triggers for campaigns and notifications when a user engages in a download or form. 
Marketing Resources Page: 
This landing page was designed for clients to download marketing materials to use in the field. I was responsible for designing, coding, and creating all download marketing materials. © Arc Home LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Get Started Page: 
This landing page was designed to get new clients started with important links, resources, and support. I was responsible for designing, coding, and creating all download materials. © Arc Home LLC. All Rights Reserved.
eBooks Page: 
This landing page is for clients to download eBooks about products and service. I was responsible for designing, coding, and creating all download materials. © Arc Home LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Become a Partner Page: 
This landing page is for prospects to learn more about the company and find links to products and applications. I was responsible for designing and coding. © Arc Home LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Skills: CRM management, HTML, CSS, Marketing Strategy, Graphic Design

Website Revamp | 2023
Description: Tasked with redesigning and updating a website into a modern and user friendly design. Redesign all pages and flow of the new website for a better user experience. 
Skills: HTML, CSS, Graphic Design, UI & UX Design, Marketing Strategy​​​​​​​

Re-engagement Program | 2023
Description: An automated drip campaign triggered to specific clients that have not recently been engaged in the company's content. Design all emails and the functionality of the campaign. Use the data and reporting to send notifications to sales representatives. 
Skills: CRM Management, Marketing Strategy, Email Design, Graphic Design, HTML, UX Design
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